BATAL💎SH Palette

At long last! This is my first order from Saucebox Cosmetics so I did not know what I was getting into. This is a growing and fairly new cruelty-free cosmetic company that was brought to my attention by an Instagram account (@ssssamanthaa). I was intrigued and went ahead and preordered this piece of art. 

The palette itself is a pretty good weight. Not as light like the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes and not as heavy as a full 15 pan MAC palette. It’s packaging is sturdy with magnetic closure. The mirror enclosed is real – it does not distort your face as you use it.

Product info behind the palette:


Comparable size photos next to my custom MAC Cosmetics palette:  

I took another photo so you can compare the size of the Batalash eyeshadows – they are large. These eyeshadow pans fall between the ABH Banana Powder and MAC blush pan.

Pictured below are the four matte eyeshadows. Top to bottom: Lace Noir (black), Cinnamon (burnt orange), Winter Brown (my favorite matte shade here), and Vanilla. The are pigmented, build-able and finish like Satin. There is some fall out, big deal. Use a primer *winks*

The next four shades are pealescent-shimmery finishes. These are so buttery! They blend well (on my arm, haven’t used them on my lids yet). Bottom to top names: Nova (copper-orange), Popper (dirty yellow-gold, my favorite in this finish), Electro (blue), and Enigma (purple/plum).  

This palette is available online and retails $60. I do not own a palette with shades and finishes exactly like this and I happily welcome Batalash into my makeup museum.   

Have a great weekend, BB’s!

XO, Gigi



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