Lola V (Lolita) Makeup Kit

Ahhh! Every time I open this beautiful kit up I feel like I’ve set up shop in my own (portable) glam room. I have gotten many questions about this makeup case and I’m glad I’ve opened this blog up to share all the info you may need!

First question are about the lights: yes they come with the kit. They must be removed if you are going to fill the entire kit up with makeup. It’s either 1. Remove the lights or 2. Carry a whole different case for makeup (?) It makes more sense to remove them. 

Second question was about batteries: not needed! There is an outlet connected to the kit. A plug/ cord is also part of the purchase. An extra light bulb is, too. 

Third question was: WHERE CAN I GET ONE? You can check the site out here

The Lola V (V as in Valerie, the owner’s name) Kit retails for $189.00 – but if you visit her Instagram here you can find a discount code for a few bucks off. I purchased mine during the 2014 holiday season and used a MUA’s discount code (I’m sorry, I forget who!). If you look at the Instagram feed @iamlolav you will see plenty photos of the different colors and makes. 

The kit I got is White to match my vanity. It’s durable, heavy (10 pounds), and measures 15x13x8 inches. As far as shipping, I received it two days after ordering! 

Here are some photos:


lights off

lights on 😍


the inside (a locked compartment, opened)

compartment closed/ locked



where the plug goes
how the kit looks from afar

That’s it!

Hope you enjoyed Xx




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17 thoughts on “Lola V (Lolita) Makeup Kit

  1. I recently bought a makeup travel case and I was thinking about such cases (cause I bought a simple one without lights), how useful they are for traveling or set up at home. I would say – if you have a lot of space at home (like you have) it is so convenient to have it! πŸ™‚ I like your makeup corner set up! And thanks for the closeups of such cases. πŸ˜‰

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