I have been eyeing these lashes ever since I stepped into a beauty store called Naimies in Burbank, CA. The box these lashes come in are neatly and simply designed. I never opened one as I thought one would typically slide the lashes outside of the box. The box, however, opens like a book which you will see in the following pictures below.

LASHES IN A BOX is a San Francisco brand that claims their lashes are 100% handmade with a professional finish:

All of our lashes have a light flexible design made to fit any eye shape and size.

To customize your look cut them lengthwise depending on the effect you wish to create.

Usage: reusable up to three wears

Ingredients: Aqua (water), Acrylates copolymer, contains latex

Here is how it was wrapped, clean and cute
The exterior
Opens like a book – love this. It is unique and the box is sturdy enough for handle/ travel.
There is no band to these lashes. That is a good thing to me! It reminds me of Ardell’s Demi wispies but these are much, much more flexible and comfy.
Closer view – these are number 17’s and from what I read on their instagram feed, its their newest design and best selling.
Some comparable wispie brands
Closer look
As you can see I am an avid fan of wispies. One box retails for $25 (10 pairs). If you get two boxes shipping costs’ are waived (FREE). If you like what you see you can visit their online store here or visit Naime’s here

Have a beautiful one, BB’s XO




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