SNEAK PEEK: Bdellium Tools Auto Lip Crayon

Good evening (or morning) from Los Angeles! You guys, I am absolutely thrilled to review and do some lip swatches on these products. If you have been following me on Instagram and have read some of my blog posts – you know I am an avid fan of their makeup brushes. First off – here is some information I took from their website so you can know a little about the company:

  • Bdellium Tools are designed by a group of talented makeup brush experts in Cerritos, California. Our products are truly handmade; all of our products are custom tailored at our factory by skilled artisans in China. In this way, we can ensure the quality and integrity of each piece.We create each brush using a balance of natural and/or synthetic hair to achieve the perfect amount of form and stiffness compatible with the function each brush is designed for. Our 7 different product lines have very distinctive features: Maestro Series features a collection of luxurious makeup brushes with nickel plated brass ferrules. Green Bambu, Yellow Bambu, Purple Bambu and Pink Bambu Series features eco-friendly makeup brushes with all sustainable bamboo handles and all vegan soft synthetic bristles and an anodized aluminum ferrule. Studio and Travel Lines feature professional makeup brushes with the classic 7 layer lacquered yellow handle with an anodized aluminum ferrule. The SFX Series is our makeup brush line specifically for special effects makeup.Our goal is to continually design new, unique and innovative makeup tools. As we design all our own products, we have the ability to develop brand names and/or custom designs for larger clients.

When I was 20-something and on a ‘struggle is real’ budget – a high school buddy took me to her makeup school and introduced me to their line. Their makeup brushes are found at The Makeup Designory in Burbank, CA and they can also be found at retailers like Naimies – also in the Los Angeles area. You can visit the Bdellium Tools website here

If you have visited the site I just linked you to it will read that the lip crayons in my pictures are out of stock. They aren’t (yet). They have yet to be released to the public.

Here are some photos of my unboxing when I received this package late afternoon. Los Angeles is going through a September heatwave (typical) – but these beauties came in perfect condition.

The boxes are study and of good quality. The inside of the boxes are yellow – it appears to be their signature color in terms of packaging (black and yellow). It is a clean design – perfect for the professional or makeup lovers all together.
The shade names are placed on the top of the box with stickers and also to the side of the boxes (not pictured).
For that Professional Touch, indeed! I appreciate the product packaging – it is sleek and professional looking.
Now for the lip crayons themselves. Gahh! I enjoy the color stripes to each individual crayon. It is not only appealing to the eyes but easy to see which lip crayon one would like to use.
Here are a few close ups; Top to bottom shades: Kadooment Orange (deep orange), Pink Cadillac (soft pink) , Helen Of Troy (pink toned beige), Sinister Rouge (deep burgundy/plum-brown)
I am gravitating towards Helen of Troy and Sinister Rouge for the coming fall season!
They’re so good looking!
Below are some photos I took from their Instagram page:


Each lip crayon retails for $10 – I do not know the official launch date but I will update you as soon as I found out!

I will being posting lip swatches tomorrow as the sun Gods have set in this part of the world 😊  Thank you to my friends at Bdellium Tools for believing in me to review these products for them.

Much Love, Gigi @beatfacefridayy

You can check out more deets on the Bdellium Tools for release dates on their Instagram – click: @bdelliumtools

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