Swatches: Bdellium Tools Auto Lip Crayon

Hello All! Here are some quick swatches of the Bdellium Tools Auto Lip Crayons I had posted about previously from when I first unboxed them. Each shade shown is extremely pigmented, buttery-smooth and applied evenly. The lip crayons have a twist up cap. I twisted them up and down until I can somewhat break the twist or check if the lip crayon would get stuck- they did not (insert happy face here). The formula is free of scent and finishes to medium shine, nourishing, soft feel.

From the Bdellium Tools webiste:

  • Available in 7 eye-catching shades, Bdellium Tools lip crayons are perfect for irresistible lips. Formula-enriched with nourishing, natural ingredients, such as hydrating shea butter, it will leave your lips moisturized and colorful. These lip crayons are retractable and super easy to use. The soft and creamy texture helps the lip crayon glide on smoothly. Plus, they are paraben and perfume free.

The bottom right shade is my favorite! I applied Kadooment Orange last because it was of least ‘color interest’ to me but it turned out to be my favorite. I first lined my top lips, transferred what was on my upper lip to my bottom lip by blotting them together, then filled in the remaining areas using the side of the crayon to keep the tips sharp. I had a lot of “ohhh” and “ahh” moments swatching these lip crayons. It is safe for me to say that I truly love these products and must have the entire collection. Makeup lovers: RUN (but get out of my way, hehe) and get yours!

You can visit, or stalk the site like I am here until it officially releases. I will update and post when these items are live!

Have a good one, BB’s!

Xx, Gigi

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