Swatches: Marc Jacobs Beauty Free Spirit Eyeshadow Palette (Holiday 2015)

The Free Spirit eyeshadow palette is described as:

  • twenty day-to-night; luxurious textures; pure performance
  • plush eyeshadows 

There were no further description in the product box itself. As I swatched these on my arm, some shades were outstanding while others were okay. I noticed:

  • nine satin-matte eyeshadows (numbers 1-5, 11, 14, 16, 20)
  • seven pearlescent eyeshadows (compare Veluxe Pearl MAC eyeshadows)
  • three matte shadows with glitter (numbers 17-19)
  • one satin shadow with smaller amounts of glitter (number 15) compared to shades 17-19

The seven pearlescent shadows are instant favorites as they packed pigment and did indeed feel luxurious. However, there was some fall out but I am assuming I did not have to dip into them as aggressively as the satin shades. The satin shades in numbers 1 through 5 nearly killed me. They did not show up as great as the others. I will play with them more on my eyes rather my arm – I will not give up! They are simply swatches (so I tell myself, *winks*).

SWATCHES – here we go!

Shadows top to bottom are shades 1-5. These shadows are satin finishes that required me to really “pack it on” to capture its color. They are soft to feel with nil fallout for me.
Shades 6-10, top to bottom. Pearlescent, creamy, build-able shades. PIGMENTED! These eyeshadows picked up easily. Fall out noted. Number 10 is an excellent mustard-gold. It is a favorite in this pan.
Shades 11-15, top to bottom Number 11 and 15 were very sheer and the purple was not as bright as I would have liked. With more applied I am sure it can be achieved with more work.
Shades 16-20, top to bottom. Numbers 16 and 20 are satin-matte finishes. Numbers 17,18,19 (the three middle shades) contain glitter. Not clumps of glitter but more so finely milled. Number 17 is black matte with gold sparkles. Number 18 is brown-plum/burgundy with gold + pink sparkles. Number 19 is charcoal grey with silver + blue sparkles.
Comparable side-by-side eyeshadow pans. Left: custom MAC palette.
The numbered eyeshadows come off sheer in my opinion. The remaining unnumbered eyeshadows were complete opposites and I mean that in a good way.

As I finish writing about this palette, I do want to say that it is gorgeous and I am keeping it. It is a yin and yang palette for me: it is balanced with ten sheer colors and ten extremely luxuriously pigmented shades. After all, it is a day to night palette. I look forward to playing with it more and happily welcome it into my makeup collection. If you would like to see the unboxing details of this palette, you can visit my previous blog post here.

Until next time, BB’s!

Xx, Gigi

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