NARS Pro Palette

​Hello to YOU! Alas, a custom palette to create and collect all the NARS goodies all in one place. I have never attempted to remove any of my NARS products to place in any other magnetic palette as I prefer to customize eyeshadows to their own beauty line (i.e. MAC eyeshadows in a MAC palette). I do, however, own one Z-Palette that houses four of my go-to ABH banana powders and admittedly – I got that particular Z-Palette because of the Sephora stripes. It’s simply a good looking thing, lol. When I received an e-mail about the Pro Palette release I jumped on it. It traveled ever so slowly, though. It took a week. I wish that this product will soon be available at other retailers like Sephora as their VIB ROUGE shipping is two-day and free.

Anyway – this palette came empty. I did not buy anything to fill it in (yet?). I do want to mess around with it more. If you follow me on Instagram you probably know I plan my week ahead to rotate what I have in my collection and use what I have equally. This is my plan with this pro palette. I opted to purchase the large size and yes, it’s quite big (good thing). What I enjoy about it most is that it is not of the rubbery signature NARS packaging. It can easily be cleaned. Secondly, it is thin and sleek. Lastly, it’s good looking! I’m a sucker for that.

Some details:

  • You can create your own palette or shop curated palettes from two NARS Makeup artists
    • The curated palettes value from $203 (small) to $337 (large)
  • The customizable (empty) large palette retails for $18
    • 8 9/10″ X 6 4/5″
  • The customizable (empty) small palette retails for $14
    • 7 1/20″ X 5 1/2″
  • Magnetic closure
  • The NARS logo is on the exterior and interior of the palette
  • You can visit the site directly here to see how they look when they are filled in with NARS products

A few pictures as I tried to show you what would fit. The packaged products were too large and I could not shut the palette because of that reason.

In this photo: Large (empty pro palette); right side, top to bottom: NARS Loves Los Angeles palette, NARS Duo in Paloma, NARS blush in Orgasm (very old and beat up), and a sample blush in Deep Throat.
The eight products placed in the magnetic pan that fit loosely as this is not the purpose for this palette. I just wanted to show you what would fit. I placed the Jubilation blush and NARS Loves LA palette atop for a pop of color in this photo *winks* As you can see, the NARS logo is inside the palette as you open it.
Love it.
Looks like I am opening my very own NARS counter lol
This is my hoarding of travel sized Audacious mascaras from Sephora with code NARSLASH. The mascara is pretty good at lengthening eyelashes but I have to be careful not to poke my eye as the bristles are plastic and tend to be a tad rough. I use with caution. I have learned after using this mascara – I prefer mascara brushes that are not plastic. Otherwise, I think the mascara performs well.

That’s it for now! Have a great one, BB’s!

Xx, Gigi

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