Pixi Beauty Natural Contour Powder

Hi All!

I hope your weekend is treating you kindly. I am thrilled to have been exposed to Pixi products and I am very lucky that my Instagram account has reached companies like Pixi who believe in people like me to review their products with and for you. I have a deep and loyal passion to explore what is out there for makeup lovers, high end or drug store – there are no bounds. When I choose products I like to test things out for myself and give anything (and anyone) the benefit of the doubt. Every product and every person I connect with start at 100% – it is up to the opposite end of the table to keep it that way. There are brands that I stopped exploring as their treatment and loyalty to their consumers played dirty. In life we evolve and move on with the times. There are better companies out there. There are better people who run those companies. There are people like you and I who are here to share the goodness in companies between consumers. I think that Pixi Beauty is growing vastly with their collaboration with Target. Congratulations and I am very excited for you, Pixi!

NOW – let’s talk NEW PRODUCT ALERT. I immediately gravitated to Pixi’s Natural Contour Powder that is described as

  • Natural effect, matte shading color
  • Neutral perfect contour hue
  • Nourishes and awakens skin with aloe vera, coffee, goji berry and pomegranate extracts
  • Retails for $20
  • You can visit the site directly here for more details
Product packaging – green and gold signature to the brand
Natural Contour Powder (left), Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach (top right), Concealing Concentrate in Adaptable Beige (bottom right)
Closer view of Brightening Peach. This product is described as a dense corrective concealer that blends seamlessly into the skin while instantly erasing stubborn darkness. It can be worn alone or under concealer/ foundation. Retails for $12 and is one of Pixi’s best selling items. I have yet to use this product and will keep you updated in future posts’.
Closer view of Adaptable Beige (concealing concentrate). This product is described as a highly pigmented concealing cream that is waterproof and long lasting. It finishes matte and is described to be buildable full-coverage. This product is also one of Pixi’s best selling products. Retails for $12. I plan on using this on a 12 hour work shift and will keep you updated on performance.
Swatches in direct, stubborn, horrendous Californian sunlight! Top to bottom: Natural Contour Powder, Brightening Peach Correction Concentrate, Adaptable Beige Concealing Concentrate.
I wanted to show you the wand in Pixi’s Large Lash Mascara in shade number one (Bold Black). I appreciate the bristles in this mascara.
Cat Eye Ink – this is a felt tip black eye liner that can make the thinest of lines or thickest depending on how you hold the pen. It is extremely pigmented (black)! I have had this pen for almost a month now and the felt tip has not dried. It is also very long wearing.
Another capture of Cat Eye Ink – it is very easy to use and the felt tip is sturdy enough for line definition.
I used Pixi’s Natural Contour Powder in this photo and the Cat Eye Ink after I applied my false eyelashes to cover remnants of my real versus false eyelashes. I am loving the contour powder! After posting this photo on Instagram someone had commented that they had also just purchased this powder and it is also treating them well.

Have a great week ahead, BB’s!

Much love, Gigi

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One of the best DJ’s in the Los Angeles area (now worldwide)

This is my favorite Podcast (number 22) – it transitions to high-low energy and is full of good vibes

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