Vera Mona Lotus Eyeshadow Palette

Hello All!

I was sent this fantastic eyeshadow palette from Camila with Vera Mona to share with all of you! I was first introduced to this company when their Color Switch (eyeshadow sponge remover) released last year. If you have not seen or heard of the Color Switch – please click on the bolded text above mentioned to take you there. I was flabbergasted when the Color Switch launched because there was nothing like it! It made my eyeshadow application between colors a breeze. The product that you will be seeing in the photos below contains the Color Switch in it as well (*clapping hands*).

Vera Mona’s LOTUS eyeshadow palette contains eight eyeshadows, the Color Switch Solo, and one double ended eyeshadow brush. Retails for $33.
There are three matte eyeshadows and the rest are shimmery. Above the eyeshadows you see the Color Switch Solo (eyeshadow sponge remover), a full size mirror, and the double-ended eyeshadow brush.
When I received this palette I was amazed by its size. It is quite big (compare Kat Von D’s Shade + Light eyeshadow palette). There is a sturdy magnetic closure, too.
Close up as the sun shines brightly for this palette!
The first three shades
The middle shades (lovely, right?)
The last shades in the palette
Swatches of the first four eyeshadows
Swatches of the last four shadows

I plan to use this palette for a look tomorrow!

You can visit Vera Mona here to discover more products and tools =)

Have a good one, BB’s!

Xx, Gigi

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