NARS Steven Klein (Vengeful Dual-Intensity Blush + Stud Eyeshadow)

Hello All! Thank you for the ‘thumbs up’ to my friends and colleagues via Facebook (hiiii!)

I stated previously that my next blog post would be about my third favorite liquid lipstick brand… I need a few days to really think about. Two of the brands are running neck and neck under my blog stats. I understand that some of you awesome readers know how it may play out. It is a tough one! With that being said – I wanted to close the weekend up with my picks from the NARS for Steven Klein Collection until I can further ‘investigate’ my third favorite liquid lipstick. Here we go!

This NARS collection is very edgy. So edgy that the eyeshadow I picked up literally threw me off my seat. I think that it is superb. The texture is soft and creamy in my opinion. Color payoff = beyond words! It is described as a ‘soft pewter bronze’ and I own nothing like it. I think it is whimsical.

Some photos of the single eyeshadow in shade Stud under direct sunlight:


Next up is the Dual-Intensity Blush in shade Vengeful. The highlighter in this duo… *speechless*

Please note the reflection in the compact mirror (the sparkle):


Swatches of these products under direct sunlight, one swipe with my finger (not blended):

This collection is limited edition and available now at

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and have a great week ahead!

Much love, Gigi

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