Best Of 2015 (1/20): Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Stack Eyeshadow Quad + Swatches of Blurr, Unseen, Enigma, Dark Matter

Hi there! I am currently working on summing up my picks for 2015 and this quad made my Best Of 2015 list. These eyeshadows are packaged in a very unique and fun way: “stacked.” Each shadow is magnetically connected in a stack of five – the first being a mirror with the following four eyeshadows. Now, if you look at the photos closely you will notice some scratches on the product. I must be very careful when disconnecting each shadow as my nails dig into the product. The magnet closures are very sturdy and click to one another strongly. Each product pan is quite large and contains a net weight of 3.57g/ 0.125oz worth of product.

I think that these eyeshadows are very pigmented and blend together really well. If you are looking for a beautiful chocolate smokey eye – this one is for you! This quad retails for $48. Melt Cosmetics is showing their fans some love by offering 30% off all products (all weekend) with code SECRET30. You can visit the site directly here if you are interested.

Details from the Melt Cosmetics website:

  • We carefully crafted all our favorite matte shades to create every variation of the smokey eye
  • No boring grey-browns, or dull black, these warm rust colors will create the most beautiful chocolate smokey eye

BLURR – a soft beautiful blending/eraser shadow
UNSEEN – a cool-medium delicious caramel brown
ENIGMA – a beautiful rusted red-brown
DARK MATTER – the most pigmented pitch-black
Swatches under direct California sun:

I received this from the Melt Cosmetics newsletter.
Have a fantastic weekend, BB’s!

Much love, Gi

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