Nip + Fab: Kale Fix Makeup Removing Pads, Kale Fix Clay Mask, + Kale Fix Moisturiser

Hello to you! I was sent a generous skin care package from Nip + Fab which includes their new Kale Fix Makeup Removing Pads, Kale Fix Clay Mask, and Kale Fix Moisturiser to trial and share with you.

Nip + Fab is a UK based Skin and Body Care company. Their saying is:

“Accessible, affordable + effective. Nip + Fab was created for a woman who wants it all. Designed to deliver targeted treatments for the face and body, our formulas are crammed with innovative and natural advanced skin smoothing, boosting and firming ingredients. Nip + Fab is premium skincare for everyday concerns at everyday prices.”

The first product I tried were the makeup removing wipes in the above picture. At first I was concerned because there wasn’t a seal after I removed the lid. I thought that the pads would be dry because of this. It turns out that they were far from dry and were actually quite moist and soapy. When I opened the bottle an immediate scent of a freshly cut and refreshing summer salad came to mind. Opening this bottle also reminded me of a spa treatment – the aroma, that is. Some information from the Nip + Fab website:

  • Gently cleanse and soften dry skin with these ultra-moisturising cleansing pads
  • Gentle enough to use around the eyes, these facial pads are enriched with superfood ingredients kale and watercress extracts to remove daily dirt and makeup whilst reinvigorating the skin with vitamins A,C and K to protect against free radical damage and retaining skin softness and elasticity
  • A dual function moisturising complex ensures skin is deeply comforted and feels touchably soft and smooth
  • 60 Pads
  • Retails for £12.95

These pads do a great job removing makeup. My skin does feel soft and you can feel the moisture locked into the product. Again, the scent these leave on your skin is another plus.

After cleansing my face I used the Kale Mask. It felt fantastic! You can feel the slightest of tingles on your face and again, that “spa treatment” aroma came to play again. I felt very relaxed, my skin clean and ready to start my morning! It is recommended to use this mask during the day. I am very excited to use it again. Some information from the website:

  • A supercharged nourishing clay face mask enriched with minerals and witch hazel, works to draw away impurities without drying the skin
  • The addition of an advanced moisture complex helps to restore the skin’s natural barrier function to help regulate water loss to increase hydration for the skin to leave it feeling touchably soft with a fresh glow
  • 50ml
  • Retails for £12.95

It is recommended to keep this mask on for 5-10 minutes. I wash masks’ off before they become too dry which I feel, is better. I have experience extremely dry skin if my face mask is kept on for too long (when the mask is 100% dry).
In the photo above: how the clay mask looks. It is very cooling and refreshing on the skin. It does not burn at all.

Immediately after washing off the mask in luke-warm water and in circular motions (recommended by Nip + Fab) I applied the moisturizer. This moisturizer is very thick! It is not the kind of moisturiser you apply makeup over – but more like one you use after a “spa treatment.” I feel it did a fantastic job and continued to carry the relaxing, fresh summer salad and spa treatment aroma to it. Information from the website:

  • Daily moisturiser to help soften and comfort dry skin
  • A superfood powerhouse complex of kale, watercress and almond oil enrich skin with deep vitamin nourishment and protects against external aggressions that can cause dry skin
  • Concentrated aloe vera and shea butter help to further sooth and improve skin texture, providing long-lasting hydration
  • 50ml
  • Retails for £19.95

Overall, I am very pleased with Nip + Fab! I’m off to use these products again (right now).

Happy Monday, BB’s!

Best, Gigi

= = = = = = = = =

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