Best Of 2015 (4/20): Soleil Tan De Chanel + Tarte Holidaze (The Buffer) Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush

Hello all! I made a post a few weeks back on the Tarte Holidaze Brush Set. Before I go on any further you can click here if you initially came to visit via search bar for the entire brush set review. What I am specifically talking about is the fourth product(s) that made my Best Of 2015: reconnecting with my Soleil Tan De Chanel due to the Tarte Holidaze Buffer Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush. This is the only brush I know of in the Holidaze brush set that is sold individually. There is a swatch using the above products shortly. 

The Buffer Airbrush Finish foundation brush is one of my favorite brushes that came in this set. This is Tarte’s best-selling brush and I can see why. Paired with Chanel’s cream to powder bronzer – it is perfect. The brush is built with bristles that are short, round but flat at the top, dense in collection, and soft at the very tips. When swiveled into the bronzer you get enough product that is picked up, distributed, and blended beautifully onto the face.

I previously used Marc Jacobs “The Bronze” brush and the Real Techniques pink handled blush brush but felt they were too pointy at the tops and the bristles too soft. Although they did an OK job, I felt as though I spent too much time trying to achieve the color build up. There was also some frustration attempting to pick up product since the bristles in those brushes were just too soft. I still use the brushes above mentioned, but not for the bronzer in this post.

In the photo above, I simply dabbed the brush into the bronzer gently until all the bristles had product on them. In return I had a good amount of product for one side of my face. Tarte’s Airbrush Finish Foundation brush is described as:

  • A makeup brush that allows you to achieve the soft finish of airbrushing
  • A foundation brush that flawlessly blends and buffs makeup for a perfectly airbrushed effect
  • This brush retails (individually) for $34
  • You can visit the Sephora site here for more photos

A good dupe of this brush is from Morphe Brushes – the E1 Deluxe Powder (from the Elite collection) and retails for $23. You can check it out here if you are interested. It’s a little softer but performs the same, in my opinion. I have read that The Eco Tools Bronzer Brush performs the same but I do no own it. You can check the Eco Tools brush here. It retails for about $12.

above is a swatch using the buffer brush and bronzer

Have a great night from Los Angeles!

Much love, Gigi

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10 thoughts on “Best Of 2015 (4/20): Soleil Tan De Chanel + Tarte Holidaze (The Buffer) Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush

  1. I’ve really loved reading your posts since I started following you. Jaclyn Hill used to always raaaave about Chanel’s Tan de Soleil and said it was worth the price. It’s definitely on my radar for when I grab some designer makeup. xo J

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