Sephora Collection Ombré Obsession Face Palette Holiday 2015 + Swatches

Happy Friday to you! The Sephora Holiday Collection is out and what you will be seeing in this post is the Ombré Obsession Face Palette. It did not take me long to grab this during the VIB sale as I am a true sucker for Ombré designs in makeup. This blush palette contains four Ombré shades, four matte shades, and one highlighter right in the center of the palette. The product retails for $34 and is quite large in size. It is larger than a CD. The packaging is plastic with a pink sticker for design. Although not the most luxurious in packaging (and the mirror not the best of quality), I think the blushes are quite nice. The Ombré blushes contain glitter but they are not overwhelming or large. Two of the blushes are sheer but buildable and I think there is good color payoff for the price. I do enjoy this piece. Swatches to follow shortly!

Product unboxing (brushes not included)

The mirror in this palette does not match the size of the product. The mirror is almost the size of a compact disk.

I really love the colors!

You can see the highlighter come to life as I zoom in closer.

I have numbered each product as it is seen on the product box and Sephora online. The swatches are numbered the same.

Here are the first four swatches. I think that each shade is buildable. The Ombré shades are half matte and half shimmer. I love all of the Ombrés as they are the most pigmented in this palette.

Sahdes 5 and 6 are the least pigmented. I think that they can be used for subtle, daytime glow. They’re beautiful in my eyes.

This is a swatch of the highlighter/ luminizer in the palette.
First impression: I was impressed by the size. When I opened the product I caught myself staring at it, opening and then closing the product as it is very pretty to look at. I am pleased with it and happily welcome it to my collection. I have read and a few instagrammers have stated that Sephora Collections are “hit or miss.” I think this one is a hit! If you are in-store I encourage you to swatch it! I also think this can make a great gift.

Some videos:

 Have a great weekend, BB’s!

Much love, Gigi

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