MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation Review + Complete Look

Hi there! I was sent a lovely package from Make Up For Ever a few weeks ago to review and share with you. In this post you will be reading my thoughts and experience with the new MUFE Ultra HD (High Definition) Invisible Cover Foundation.

This product is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner and claims to:

  • create a naturally flawless complexion (on and off camera)
  • be completely invisible under the latest, super-focused 4k lens
  • feature uniquely-coated pigments that provide medium to buildable coverage with an even lighter weight, second-skin texture that looks just like skin
  • deliver the very same flawless results as before when applied with a flat foundation brush in a tap and stretch motion
  • retails for $43 (30ml bottle, with pump and cap for closure)
  • you can click here for the MUFE site details
  • you can click  here if you are Sephora Rouge, VIB, or member

In the photo above was my third time using this product. Now, when the MUFE PR team asked me to choose the best swatch to match my skin color – I was stumped. I basically stared at the color variety chart for what felt like hours! There are forty shades to choose from! This is a good thing, of course. I am far from familiar with the color range MUFE has to offer and I would recommend using Sephora’s Color IQ if you need help yourself. I simply choose a makeup brand I am familiar with, choose my color, and bingo! I am color matched to the foundations available on the Sephora website. If you would like to try to color match your MUFE Ultra HD Foundation using this option, you can do so by clicking here. This Sephora feature has been my best friend since I first tried it in 2014!

The first time I applied this product I found that neither of the three foundations had suited me – they were too light. I was sad but I did not fret! During this experience I used the product anyway and became even more sad that it did not cover some of my “battle scars.” This foundation is extremely light and I found myself using three pumps to achieve the coverage my battle scars needed (I usually use one pump or a pump and a half at the most with my other foundations).

The second attempt in using this foundation I combined Y255 and Y305. It was still light but at this point I was making “ooohh” and “ahhh” noises. With the first experience behind me, I had this second chance to notice how it made the rest of my un-battle scarred complexion appear (the left side of my face). I finished the rest of my look and tested out the longevity using the Mattifying primer.

Third attempt: I am a pro at this product by now! When I use this product I have learned to conceal any battle scars before applying this product as this was seemingly my only issue, coverage. Secondly, I had a “duh” moment: why was I sad that the shades were too light? I own like, a zillion bronzers! This foundation with my bronzer, I feel, gave me that halo effect in the end. I love that it all worked out. When I took the selfie you see above is when I also learned that this foundation is superb for photos. My skin felt like my own skin and I did find myself looking in the mirror side to side – impressed with this product.

In terms of longevity with the MUFE Mattifying primer – the oil was kept at bay for four hours. If you have oily skin like me, I would recommend this product for nights out or when you know you will be taking some pictures of yourself as this product is extremely photogenic. I think this product is your stop for the no-makeup, makeup look. Bravo, Make Up For Ever for winning Allure’s Best of Beauty Award for this foundation and many thank yous to MUFE PR Team for these products!

Much love always, Gigi

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Hi there! My nickname is Gigi and I am a Los Angeles based beauty blogger here to share respectable reviews, thoughts, opinions on all spectrums of beauty. Please join me on this journey! I welcome requests and enjoy interacting with all beauty lovers from around the world.

14 thoughts on “MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation Review + Complete Look

    1. This foundation is phenomenal when it comes to picture taking (selfies). What I also enjoy is that this product is *really* lightweight- feels like nothing on your face. If you’re looking for complete/ full coverage it may not do that but that can be worked around (like concealing blemishes/ scars beforehand). I would purchase it because it’s absolutely photogenic.


  1. Great review! I have shades Y245 (perfect shade) and Y305 (a little dark) and I also find myself using 3 pumps to achieve a medium coverage. I have uneven skin tone, but it’s a great foundation! And I love the Hydrating Primer and Smoothing one.

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