Maybelline Luscious Lash Sensational Matte Black Packaging Review + Lash Wand Photos

Hey everyone! Yes – I have so many great products to share with you! I recently picked up the new Maybelline’s Luscious Lash Sensational mascara. Honest be it – I was intrigued by the all matte black packaging. If you know me by now, packaging makes my eyes go gaga! In this post you will be seeing some photos and how I think they compare to Maybelline’s original Lash Sensational.

Product details from the Maybelline website:

  •  Reveal layers of softer, denser lashes
  • Unique mascara formula is blended with precious oils
  • Removes easily with soap and water
  • The Fanning Reservoir Brush envelops lashes with precious oil-infused formula from root-to-tip while fanning out lashes
  • Retails for $8.99
  • You can click here for more info
    Matte packaging with signature pink embossing
You can see the matte feel in this photo better. It is the same product design as the first (all pink) Lash Sensational released earlier this year
The wand is different than its first release. The first release had a curve to the wand that I feel hugged and lifted my lashes easily
Better view – it is thicker to the end of the wand

I wore this mascara for 6 hours today and it did not crack or dry my lashes. The amount that one can pick up from this wand is quite generous so take  care to wipe of the excess back into the tube before applying. I purchased 701 in blackest black (washable).

Compared to the first release – I do enjoy the wand in that one better (I have already gone through three tubes). However, I am happy with its performance and look to purchase the waterproof one, too.

Do you have this product yet? Thoughts? I’d love to hear yours!

Much love always, Gigi

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24 thoughts on “Maybelline Luscious Lash Sensational Matte Black Packaging Review + Lash Wand Photos

  1. I swear by Maybelline’s waterproof mascaras. They are the only ones that seem to work with super stubborn straight lashes. I have to use a curler and waterproof mascara to get them to hold and I’ve tried a 27 dollar mascara in waterproof that didn’t hold a candle to what this one does or their mega plush one does for my lashes. I get so many compliments on them.

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