Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon Blush Spring 2016 Photos, Swatches

Hi there! Is it too early to talk Spring 2016 makeup? I think not! I am very excited for the new year and also very much excited to show you what some are saying is one of Chanel’s best blush releases to date. Photos and swatches of Chanel’s Sunkiss Ribbon Blush for Spring 2016 is here *hands up*

Description from the Chanel website:

  • In an interlaced-ribbon design
  • Exclusive creation brightens cheeks with a radiant palette of pink, beige and coral
  • Leaves a smooth, satin finish
  • 0.38 oz
  • Retails for $70
  • You can click here for purchase

Photo’s for your viewing pleasure:


Unboxing photo when I received this blush a few weeks ago (Renee, SA from Neiman Marcus was very generous with the samples)


Close up shot under direct California sunlight. When you open this blush the smell is of Chanels signature makeup fragrance – heavenly!


I attempted to catch the subtle shimmer in the bronze shade. You can see sparkle in the reflection from the compact mirror in the photos.


I asked an Instagram beauty account for permission to post this picture of her swatches. These pictures are taken indoor. 

The above photo belongs to Instagrammer Legal Barbie – you can click here to pay her a visit on IG and read her thoughts about this product. Thank you Legal Barbie for the swatches!
Have a good one, BB’s!

Much love, Gigi


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17 thoughts on “Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon Blush Spring 2016 Photos, Swatches

  1. Hi Gigi, it’s RN.. Love reading your blogs.. Ok, now can’t wait for Chanel to come to my job so I can purchase this blush.. Looks absolutely gorgeous. You got me when you said it has the Chsnel fragrance… Have a wonderful New Year!!! 🎉

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