Urban Decay Heavy Metal Eyeliner Glitter: Amp, ACDC, Distortion, Spandex, Glam Rock, Junkshow – Review + Swatches

Hi there! Here is some NYE ideas to ring in the new year – GLITTER! The Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitters are totally builadable. If you want just a little sparkle on your eyes, it can be done with this product. If you want to pack it on – that can be done as well. We’ve got shades Amp, ACDC, Distortion, Spandex, Glam Rock, and Junkshow in this post. Let’s get into some of the details!

  • water-based
  • buildable liner contains super-fine glitter in a clear base that dries quickly
  • stays put (for long wear without any fallout)
  • the glitter is suspended in a gel, it won’t separate in the bottle (so you don’t need to shake it like you do with watery formulas)
  • peach and cucumber extract condition the skin, while carrot extract smooths and softens
  • can be worn alone
  • can apply it over their legendary Eyeshadow or layer two shades together for a more intense glam-rock effect
  • the precise, thin-tipped brush makes it easy to create fine, glittery lines
  • vegan
  • fill weight: 7.5 ml / 0.25 fl oz
  • retails for $20
  • you can click here to visit Urban Decay
  • the following descriptions in the pictures below are linked to Sephora – by clicking the bolded and underlined words they will link you to the product directly



 AMP is described as a light blue iridescent purple


 ACDC is described as a bright purple glitter


  Distortion is described as a  iridescent glitter


  Spandex is described as deep blue-black w/ iridescent glitter

Glam Rock (my fave)

  Glam Rock is described as a silver glitter


   Junkshow is described as a bright pink with iridescent glitter

Here is a capture of the wand. The brush is flexible and you can choose to apply as little or as much as your heart desires



Indoor swatches

Thoughts: at first application it felt cold and I grinch thinking the product would bleed into my eyes/contacts – to which it did not. Once I let the glitter dry, I applied a second coat. These glitters are very easy to apply and without all the mess from loose glitters. I also love that you can throw this in your purse for the new year to touch up (if needed) or to hook your friend up with some sparkle.

Thank you Urban Decay + Monika  for these products!

Happy New Year, BB’s!

Wishing you so so so much love (always), Gi


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