Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 10 Swatches, Review

Hi there! In the featured image is my complete haul from IMATS LA. I had three things on my list and the rest… kinda just happened (you know the story). I am very happy with the new releases and the products that were discounted. I will go into further details with the other products in future posts’. What you will be seeing right now is my second product from Natasha Denona: Eyeshadow Palette 10.

I decided to purchase this five-pan (there are thirteen different five-pan palettes) because of the purple eyeshadow. I had to have it as this is the shade I felt was lacking in the 28 palette (green/brown) seen previously here.

When I got home from IMATS I realized True Gold was already in the green/brown palette. I didn’t kick myself over it – I consider the second True Gold a back up!

Shades Satin Skin, Vintage, and True Gold are soft to touch. When I press down on them (gently) – they remind me of ColourPop products because of the softness. These three shades are pillow-soft in feel against the tip of my ring finger. It only takes a very small dab for intense pigment saturation. They apply easily and leave a beautiful sheen of power-color on the skin. They blend fantastically. Fall out? Yes, especially True Gold (it’s a pressed pigment). I make sure to have loose powder under my eyes so that the fall-out can be easily swept away without streaks.

Shades Aubergine and Nina’s Orchid are mattes. Again, one dab is all I needed to start. Nina’s Orchid is a beautiful shade of purple – my favorite. It blends effortlessly. The pigment is so concentrated  – I cannot say anything bad about it. I recommend using the smallest of crease/eyeshadow brushes at the beginning of application as one dab packs a lot of heat.

Packaging: I feel that these eyeshadows need to be housed just like the 28 pan palette or something more sustainable. The plastic, I feel, does not do these incredible eyeshadows justice in terms of protection. If I decide to carry this with me I would have to wrap it in a shirt or cloth to keep it away from harm.

Besides the five-pan packaging – I think it is worth the purchase. It is like having raw pigment compressed into a pan. I just need to make sure this does not fall on the floor or what-have-you.

This palette appears to be the perfect deep plum-purple eye look with a pop of gold. I love it. I will work on that look and make sure to post it! You can visit Sephora here to check out this or the other thirteen five-pan palettes.

Have a great day/night from Los Angeles XO

Much love, Gigi


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