Top Shop Chameleon Glow in Shuffle the Cards, Wax + Wane, U-Turn Swatches

Hello all! How stunning are these Top Shop products? I took a few photos to capture how they translate as they are duo-chrome-like finishes. This is my first purchase from Top Shop and the good news is that they now ship to the United States from the UK. Typically, Nordstrom was the main carrier for the U.S. but the selection was always either sold out or extremely limited.

Details from the Top Shop Website:

  • Amazing dual pigmented, multi-use powder
  • Can be used as an eyeshadow or a facial highlight
  • Use alone or over products to create a multi-dimensional effect
  • Apply with fingertips or brushes for an iridescent finish and intense colour
  • Retails for $12-$16
  • 2.4g/ 0.85oz
  • About the size of a quarter dollar


Pictured above: top left is “Shuffle the Cards” a beautiful rose gold with hints of pink to copper/gold shift; bottom center is “Wax + Wane” a beautiful true purple; to the right is “U-Turn” a stunning green with purple shift
Another capture away from direct sunlight

Under direct sunlight – the colors shift beautifully
My favorite shade in Shuffle The Cards

Left to right: Shuffle the Cards, Wax+ Wane, and U-Turn

You can visit Top Shop for shade Wax + Wane here, Chameleon Glow in Shuffle The Cards here, and U-Turn here
 to check these products out if you are interested.

Much love, Gigi

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