Sephora Collection Pro Small Blush + Contour Brush #74 Review

Hi there! Product rave: Sephora Collection Pro Small Blush + Contour Brush #74. I have been using this brush for nearly two weeks and yes, I need another one. I own a few brushes of the size and what I thoroughly enjoy about this makeup tool is that the bristles do not poke my under eye when I use it with loose powder to set my concealer. Although brushes claim this or that for specific use – I like to play around with makeup tools because  they can be more versatile as to what it is designed for.

Details from the Sephora Website:

  • A small brush that allows for the perfect intensity of blush application and blending for all face shapes
  • This smaller sized brush hugs the apples of your cheeks to apply blush precisely right where you need it
  • Great for those with smaller face shapes, this multipurpose brush can also be used to contour and highlight
  • The head of natural goat bristles is large enough for any type of pressed powder, yet small enough for precise application
  • Retails for $30
  • You can click here for more details
Here is the brush alongside a few products I have been using it with
The ferrule is strong when twisted for testing purposes
The bristles are soft and do not poke the delicate areas of my eye. I enjoy the size and shape of this brush as I feel it aids in applying product where I want it, precisely. At first wash I noticed that the bristles washed out some of the color from the bristles. There was no shedding at first wash.
I have also been using this brush for my Guerlain pearls for use specifically on my cheeks
The handle is long, slender and light weight

Have you any dupes for this brush or do you own it? Thoughts are always welcome.

Have a great day or night from LA XO

Much love, Gigi




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