SLMissGlam: Glam Brush Book Unboxing + Thoughts

Hi there! An overwhelming beauty to be held is the SLMissGlam Glam Brush Book featuring twenty-five makeup brushes that are impressive. Impressive in durability and use, housed in a pink or white leather book with gold zipper – this brush book not only represents glam at its finest but performs superbly.

Do not be fooled by all its glam – the make of these brushes have endured a dozen washes, almost two weeks worth of use (beatings) and have proven to be of substantial quality. Each brush has passed my twist in the ferrule, the shedding to nil and most importantly: performance.

Some info from the SLMissGlam website:

  • Each brush book includes 25 glam makeup brushes
  • crafted with high quality cruelty-free synthetic hairs designed with sparkly jewels
  • fully leather bound
  • jeweled to pretty perfection with a touch of glam gold
  • perfect for makeup artists and for those who travel
  • glam quotes inside to inspire
  • pink or white makeup brushes inside
  • durable, solid construction so they last longer than other brush collections
  • Glam Brush Books contain more face brushes than eye brushes, which differs from other brush collections
  • You can visit SLMissGlam directly here for more info

Some photos as I unboxed these products:

This is the Pink Glam Brush Book with SLMissGlam signature style. The make of this leather case is soft and light weight.
The side of the book is perfect for travel and to particularly display on a vanity. The book has gold lettering and a gold zipper to close.
Flat Top Foundation Brush W12 in the white and pink style. These brushes are indeed eye candy designed accordingly with pink stones on the pink brush and white stones on the white brush. The gold ferrule and embossing ties the piece beautifully. 


Fan Highlight W30 brush in pink and gold. The bristles on all the brushes are soft and blend products well. This is also a fantastic brush to use for bronzing or contouring. The synthetic hairs are extremely fluffy and ever so soft.


Hand full of pink goodness containing a small contour brush, concealer, lip, small and large blending brush. An in depth post of each brush will be posted this month. 


The Glam Brush Book contains four compartments as it opens and houses each brush accordingly. I am so very much in love with them!


As stated prior – as each compartment is lifted to reveal the brushes, quotes are designed to inspire every time it is opened. 


Two compartments are filled with ten face brushes and the other two include small contour and eye brushes to complete an entire look!

Each Glam Brush Book retails for $325 – SLMissGlam has been so generous to offer you guys 40% off (including three additional products) with code “beatfacefridayy” – this is an unaffiliated code. You can visit Stephanie’s website here or on Instagram here.

Much love always, Gigi

Thank you SLMissGlam for these products to share with my readers. All opinions are my own.



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