The Makeup Show LA 2016 Recap


Hi there! I attended my first Makeup Show event and it was a blast. The event was filled with creativity and energy. This is probably the best show I have ever encountered.

“When times are difficult, we need to be inspired in order to stay connected to our goals and our craft. When times are good, we need to keep ourselves inspired in order to ensure we are continuing to reach for what comes next and keep our work fresh and constantly evolving. Long careers and a changing industry require that inspiration remain constant in our lives and that we never stop looking for growth and reaching for more within our careers. This needs to come not only from a place that you create, but from one that surrounds you.” -Michael DeVillis

Photos of The Makeup Show LA 2016 recap

The Graftobian Booth was right across the way from the Inglot Booth – but this booth catched my eye with airbrush artistry and powerful but simple colors.


The Kevyn Aucoin Booth – this was the first booth I knew I wanted to visit to score the Celestial Liquid Lightening product in Starlight.


The Sephora PRO booth featured their entire matte liquid lipstick line and new face brushes (Sephora PRO Featherweight Collection) coming to Sephora sometime this season (April).


The second booth I was looking forward to was Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – I picked up the entire line (except for the pencils, the primer I already have and love). This collection is the Magnetics Fields Colour Collection – I could not resist it! The new packaging is most ideal as it is now housed with a dome-tip applicator.


I have seen Jouer Cosmetics and did not plan on purchasing anything until I (1) saw the discounted price and (2) swatched the lip cremes and fell in love. Quite dainty and chic is this cosmetics company – I look forward to seeing more from them in the future.


Always on my list at whatever makeup event is the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner. I have been using this product for a little more than a decade now. This product effectively disinfects your brushes and dries quickly. This does not mean that deep cleaning brushes with soap and water is a past-time. This product is more so for “spot-cleaning.”


The BDellium Tools Booth – always a pleasure seeing a line-up of yellow to catch my eye.


Smashbox Cosmetics PRO is a supporting sponsor of The Makeup Show – I have always been a fan of MAX Factor and it was great learning that these two companies are handled/created by the same brothers.


The third booth on my list was the Beautylish booth featuring Natasha Denona. More info will come featuring two of the blushes that I picked up from the event.


The Kat Von D booth had the busiest and longest line at the event. Kat Von D also took the stage with host James Vincent: “her commitment to individuality and her spirit of independence paired with an eye for color and detail and her dedication/drive make her the ideal woman to build a beauty brand poised to take over the makeup industry and the world.” The line at the booth did not lie!


The tiffany blue packages caught my eye like a fly going in to a bright light. Batlash (not Batalash) made an appearance at the show – I look forward to seeing more from them.


Urban Decay Cosmetics made their first appearance at The Makeup Show. Their products were discounted at 40% off which is fantastic for anyone building their kit/collection. I think I regret not picking up a NAKED palette.


Ahhh the vibrancy of MAKE UP FOR EVER PRO – the Diamond Sponsor of the show. Featured at their booth is their unreleased Aqua XL Eye Pencils (seen in the above photos).


Here is a collage of a few of the MUA’s on stage showing and teaching their craft.


Here is a close up – absolutely flawless work done here – look at the blending, perfection.


Here are a few snippets from the show! Lots of fun at the Beautylish Booth – Thanks Trisha!

Have a great week ahead, BB’s!

Much love, Gigi

Many Thank Yous to The Makeup Show LA for this experience



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