Tweezerman Curl & Go Eyelash Curler

Hey everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend. I have a super new product I am excited to share with you! Not only is it small, functional, pink, and a staple product in my makeup routine – it is simply a genius travel friendly makeup tool. It is no larger than the palm of my hand and can easily be thrown not only in my bag but even my pocket. What you will be seeing in this blog post is Tweezerman’s new innovation: the Curl & Go Eyelash Curler. Let’s get to it!

Some info from the Tweezerman website:

  • this innovative mini curler is a portable version of our Classic Lash Curler design
  • folds into a compact travel tool specially crafted for great on-the-go lashes
  • rounded no-stick pads are non-latex and feature a large curling surface for pinch-free quick, easy curling without ever creasing lashes
  • foldable design is perfect for purse and travel
  • retails for $19
  • you can visit Tweezerman here to check it out
Here is the Curl & Go unfolded


One side of the curler opened


Tweezerman’s signature logo and design in pink


Side profile

Thoughts: I have always been a fan of Tweezerman’s beauty tools because they last forever. I’ve owned two different lash curlers from them and a hand full of tweezers for many, many years. The Curl & Go Lash Curler is convenient and does not curl my skin (as suppose my lashes). The grip for your fingers hug close for best control when used. The foldable feature is sturdy, easily opens and closes well. I am so pleased!

Much love always, Gigi

*Proud Tweezerman Ambassador



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