Derma E Purifying Gel Cleanser, Purifying Daily Detox Scrub, Purifying Toner Mist, Purifying Youth Serum – Review

Hello there and welcome weekend! Just as much as I adore makeup products the first line of impeccable makeup application is what is beneath it: Le Face. The makeup we apply will look the way we want it to appear, wear, and achieve results when our skin is the best it can possibly be. In this post you will be seeing what is new in Derma E – a skin care line that is natural, 100% vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free that can be found at Ulta (with reduced prices now) and Derma E directly. Here we are with my thoughts featuring Derma E: Purifying Gel Cleanser, Purifying Daily Detox Scrub, Purifying Toner Mist, and Purifying Youth Serum. Let’s get to it!

DermaE’s Purifying Gel Cleanser: pH balanced formula that lathers away sweat, oil and toxin buildup for a glowing complexion. Fragrance and sulfate free.

Daily Detox Scrub: natural exfoliant that lifts away micropollutants and impurities for a fresh, healthy radiance

Purifying Toner Mist: pH balanced formula that instantly refreshes, rebalances and fortifies skin against environmental pollutants

Purifying Youth Serum: concentrated, mineral rich treatment that helps replenish and detoxify as it shields skin against micropollutants

Thoughts: I used each product for one week consecutively, day and night when I first received them. My skin felt fresh and most admirably deep clean. I decided to stop using the products for three days to see if there were any differences between my normal routine versus this new Purifying line specifically formulated for oily or active skin types. The difference: unimaginable. This is perfect for me right after I am done with the treadmill, too.

  1. Purifying Toner Mist: the toner itself is a stand out product as it pulled every inkling of what remained on my face (makeup when I wore makeup and dirt for when I did not wear makeup). It was an eye-opening sight to see what remnants were removed on my cotton rounds. The scent is quite citrusy and foams as you feel the magical tingles of this product working on your pores. This product retails for $15.50 for but is on sale here for $12.40. Cons: small bottle at 2 oz – I am already out of product! I love it but there is not enough of it.
  2. Daily Detox Scrub: my favorite step while using this line is this highly exhilarating detox scrub. This product exfoliates skin leaving me with a feeling of a revitalizing drink for my face. I feel like my pores are literally breathing when I wash it off. I highly recommend it. You can click here for a sale price at Ulta.
  3. Purifying Gel Cleanser: a gentle gel that effectively removes traces of dirt without making my skin feel dehydrated after. Works best with the entire Purifying line. A generous amount at 6oz retailing for $15.50 – on sale here for $12.40 at Ulta online.
  4. Purifying Youth Serum: not sticky and quickly absorbs into clean skin. My oily skin is loving this serum and helps restore balance overnight. On sale here if you would like to check it out for yourself.

It has been one month since and I am an avid fan of the Purifying line by Derma E:

It happens day in and day out. Oil, sweat, bacteria and micropollutants build up on skin and clog pores, leading to visible damage such as acne, blemishes, sensitivity, fine lines, wrinkles, thinning or sagging skin.
That’s why derma e® brings you Purifying Skincare. Doctor developed and clinically tested, it’s like a deep detox program to cleanse and reboot skin every day so it glows with pure health for years to come.
Specially designed for oily, active or urban skin types, Purifying formulas work naturally to draw out toxins, replenish vital nutrients and restore skin’s resistance to oxidative stress.
Plus, the line is synthetic fragrance-free, allergy tested and made
with minimal ingredients, so it’s safe for even sensitive skin.

Much love + great skin, Gigi


Thank you Derma E for these products to share with my readers.

All opinions are my own. All links are unaffiliated.


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  1. Thank you for this review. My skin is very oily and I exercise quite a bit. Have been looking lately for some new and different skin care items. Will definitely take a try at these…

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