Nobu Malibu: Menu Recommendations

Hi there! A short pause from makeup is a blog post all about a restaurant in Malibu California: a love for a restaurant that runs deeply with many memories ongoing for a little more than a decade. I was introduced to Nobu Malibu by my husband (my boyfriend at the time) where he proposed. We have celebrated our relationship there since 2006. Nobu Malibu was previously located in a more intimate environment where the ambiance  was contained privately. The new location is much larger and right on the beautiful beach. I am very happy for Nobu’s success – my husband and I also love the Waikiki location in the island of O’ahu, Hawaii. If you have heard of this place and do not know where to begin with the menu or are planning on visiting the area and are looking for a five star Japanese restaurant – here are some of my recommendations that are signature in my mind to Nobu Malibu.

After ten years we rarely look in the menu because we know what we love at Nobu – we crave it!

The above photo is the Asian Pear Martini – I attempted to look at the menu ingredients for specifics online but it is currently not listed. However, it can always be made at the bartender. The first time we tried this cocktail it was a special and recommended by our trusted waiter at the time. These are signature to my husband and our Groomsmen, John – they call it their “Man-tini” as they prefer it in a regular glass and not in this “pretty” one photoed above. Many inside jokes here.
Signature to Nobu are the fresh and flavored Sake (it is not on the menu – kindly asked your waiter/waitress what flavors are currently available when you visit as they appear to be seasonal). The Lychee Sake always seems to never be in season anymore and I wish that they would bring it back soon. It was my all time favorite! In the capture about is Ginger-Peach (left) and Pina Colada (right) – Pina Colada was the winner and out party of four enjoy almost four bottles of it. I would recommend it! It stays true to Pina Colada and is the best sake form that can ever be created.
Cheers – we like to sip on these instead of taking it straight on (it can creep up on you)
Grilled Shishito Pepper: a savory starter (careful of the bite into the spicy pepper) compliment your cocktail while waiting for your first plate. Every plate is brought out with a a decent space of timing for one to enjoy each dish. 
Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño – place a piece of the cilantro and swirl in the sauce and enjoy the entire piece in unity. There is a delightful explosion of fresh yellowtail, a bit of spice with the jalapeño in a lemony mixture sauce. Thee best!
Tuna Sashimi Salad – mixed well to enjoy the experience. The sauce is amazing and indescribable!

King Crab Tempura with Amazu – see photo below for details

Lightly crisp in the outside and a mouth full of savory king crab housed in a zesty sauce. Mix with the red onion and dance, dance, dance in your seat!
My all time must-have: Rock Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Spicy Sauce. There are thick cuts of shiitake mushrooms to compliment this dish. The lemon juice a top makes this a palette cleaner ready for more.
Rib-Eye (medium rare) cuts in Butter Truffle Sauce topped with juicy but crunchy onions – that alone is drool worthy! Again, mix well and bite altogether with every ingredient!
Albacore Vegas Salsa – also not seen in the menu online, but is a must try! The fusion of the albacore with the fresh avocado and salsa combined is a party! See next photo for more details.

A spoon is used for this dish for one to enjoy in harmony.
In the above photo – a specialized desert plate (when asked by a guest, my husband) Another great desert is the Bento Box that I highly recommend!

This was a party of four this year as my best friend was out of town but there in spirit! I hope you enjoyed this snippet and I will be back to blogging makeup as there are many, many products to share with you!

Please note: reservations are backed up for one month in the Malibu location so please schedule accordingly. Try your very best to get balcony tables for a perfect view of Malibu. You can click here to visit Nobu online and I invite you to experience this restaurant! You may also click here to find a location near you.

Much love + spirits, Gigi



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    1. It’s a nice spot! In the old location is was easy to spot celebs because it was a lot more intimate. I haven’t looked hard enough to see any at the new location although I heard Anthony Hopkins happened to be there as I captured some food for this post 🙂 The best person I did see at the old location was Adam Sandler.

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