SMASHBOX Always On Liquid Lipstick Bawse, Miss Conduct, Stepping Out, Some Nerve, Chill Zone, Dream Huge, Shockaholic, Out Loud, Baja Bound, Driver’s Seat Swatch + First Impressions

Hi there! Smashbox Cosmetics has recently released twenty matte liquid lipsticks that claim to stay put, look fresh, and last up to eight hours. These matte lipsticks are infused with Smashbox Primer Oil complex to keep your lips comfortable while the product sits on your pretty pout. Among the benefits promised – I found that the Always On Liquid Lipsticks are indeed water-resistant, non-feathering, and indeed: budge proof. 

Aside from being one of the best liquid lipstick formulas I have in my collection, the applicator is top-notch in my opinion (above photo collage). The applicator stick is short (the length of an average lipstick) allowing full control during product application. As I laid the product on my lips, the bristles carried and distributed the liquid lipstick easily. The tip is quite precise and no lip liner is needed here to perfect a line.

About the formula: feather weight and beyond comfortable. It feels silky-soft on my lips and to be quite honest, when this dries I feel like nothing is on my lips until I look in the mirror. The pigment is there and I did not have to reapply to achieve an even finish. One pull of product from the tube was enough for me to saturate my lips for complete color payoff. Impressed?  Yes, I happily am. The formula, pigment, professional quality and packaging is to my liking.

About performance: the swatches you see below were definitely hard to remove. When I did have a slice of pizza, though – most of the product was consumed as well. Anything containing oil (like oil-based makeup removers and, well, pepperoni pizza consumption) well slide this product off. Water proof: yes. Oil-proof: no. In sum, the lipsticks did last me up to four hours comfortably until I ate. The drying time during upon application on the lips is less than fifty seconds and did not cake or crack as I distributed the product.


Above pictured are swatches under direct sunlight:

  • Bawse: deep red
  • Miss Conduct: deep, warm plum
  • Stepping Out: deep nude
  • Some Nerve: vibrant purple
  • Chill Zone: deep, cool gray
  • Dream Huge: mauve pink
  • Shockaholic: bright pink
  • Out Loud: deep orange
  • Baja Bound: pink coral
  • Driver’s Seat: warm pink

Each Always On Liquid Lipstick retails for $24 (0.13 oz). You can visit Sephora online directly here to check out the color selection. My favorites are Dream Huge, Some Nerve, and Bawse. I would definitely recommended picking one up to try and test out for yourself.

Much love from LA, Gigi


Thank you Smashbox Cosmetics for these products to share with my readers. Links are affiliated and thoughts are my own.


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22 thoughts on “SMASHBOX Always On Liquid Lipstick Bawse, Miss Conduct, Stepping Out, Some Nerve, Chill Zone, Dream Huge, Shockaholic, Out Loud, Baja Bound, Driver’s Seat Swatch + First Impressions

  1. Thank you for such a thorough review – I’ve seen so many swatches of these but not actually how they are to wear. They definitely sound like one of the better liquid lipstick ranges and that shade selection ❤ xx

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      1. How do you get those colors in that collection box? I like all those colors in the box above but I don’t want to buy all of them individually

        Liked by 1 person

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