Makeup Geek MUG Foiled Duochrome Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow Prism, Sugar Rush, Kaleidoscope, Mood Ring, Hologram, Wild Fire Swatch

Calling all MAKEUP GEEK Cosmetics lovers! MUG has six new eyeshadow pigments that claim to have the texture and intensity of their Foiled Eyeshadows and dual-colored finish of their Duochrome pigments. These were offered at Phame Expo exclusively this weekend at show price $8 (I do not know what the original value these products will be yet).

I absolutely fell in love with the Duochrome pigments (blog post here) so I made very sure to snag these to share as soon as I can with my fellow MUG lovers. I am unsure when these will officially release and I will update this post when I find out. I was so excited to see these and the rest of the MUG products in person at the show as this company is primarily an online store. I do hope MUG continues to appear at makeup shows because  – without a doubt – I know a hand full of people who would purchase show tickets to visit this booth. Please comment if you agree!

Captures under direct sunlight:

  • Prism – appears cream colored in the pan but is entirely peachy-pink in finish when swatched and difficult to capture in photo and video
  • Sugar Rush – appears white in the pan but is a beautiful soft aqua blue and purple shift
  • Kaleidoscope – a silver base that finished with a whimsical metallic blue and purple shift
  • Mood Ring – appears purple in the pan and is entirely purple when swatched
  • Hologram – appears coral in the pan and finishes with a coral, yellow-gold shift
  • Wild Fire – a beautiful rusted brick with a pink-gold shift

I have yet to report on performance. I do enjoy how pigmented and buttery these slide on as swatched. These are absolute unicorn colors and play beautifully under sunlit skies. I foresee using these alone as movement during wear plays a medley of colors. Are these on your list??

Much love from LA, Gigi



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Hi there! My nickname is Gigi and I am a Los Angeles based beauty blogger here to share respectable reviews, thoughts, opinions on all spectrums of beauty. Please join me on this journey! I welcome requests and enjoy interacting with all beauty lovers from around the world.

24 thoughts on “Makeup Geek MUG Foiled Duochrome Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow Prism, Sugar Rush, Kaleidoscope, Mood Ring, Hologram, Wild Fire Swatch

  1. That’s amazing that you got to go to the phame Expo! Maybe you met Marlena? She seems like the sweetest person ever. I love, love, love Makeup Geek. I am excited for 2016 because she says she releases new products every month. I know she has both foundation and concealers in the pipeline… 💄💕

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