AYVA A06 Foundation Brush 

Hello there! I have been using the AYVA Ao6 Foundation Brush for a few weeks now. I typically use a flat-top kabuki foundation brush over sponges as I prefer a brush for cream and sponges to pick up residual product or for powder setting and pressing. I am an avid fan of innovative makeup tools and with the creation of this unique looking product, I was excited to see what the difference in performance was and what the outcome would achieve. 

The AYVA A06 Foundation Brush is made of 100,000 ultra-fine bristles that are densely packed. It claims to ensure a flawless and airbrushed finish.

The handle is extremely lightweight and built ergonomically. The fibres are synthetic and cruelty-free.

Extremely soft although dense – I found that I required less foundation as the density of these bristles did not soak up any of  my foundation. Using this brush cut application down rather quickly as distributing product was very easy and fast.

Upon first wash of the AYVA brush I pulled the bristles from the handle. The hair bundle removed entirely as I inspected how the hairs were applied to the handle. The bristles are housed atop a gray rubber material and glued to the handle. None of the bristles shed as I washed only the hair bundle in my hand. I was happy camper with that finding. The hair bundle easily slips back into place. I decided to apply super glue liquid to the hair bundle so that it would not move in the future.

The AYVA Foundation Brush comes in one color and is quite beautiful piece. I understand that there are pricier makes similar to this brush and I unfortunately do not have it to compare to this product. However, I do agree that application of foundation using this brush was an experience, saves product and time. I would recommend this product if you are looking for the aforementioned.

The AYVA A06 Foundation Brush retails for $35.49 – you can click here to visit the U.S. site directly.

Much love for Los Angeles, Gigi


Thank you AYVA Brushes for this product to review and share with my readers. All links are unaffiliated and I am not compensated. All thoughts are my own.


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12 thoughts on “AYVA A06 Foundation Brush 

  1. Thanks for doing this post, it’s nice to know about all the dupes out there. Especially with how pricey the artis brushes are, it’s nice to know there are less expensive dupes out there that are just as good.

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