Impressions Vanity Alexa Collection 70 Slot Lipstick Holder Designed To Fit IKEA Alex Drawers

Hi there! I have been on a forever hunt to desperately organize my lipsticks in my IKEA Alex Drawer. During Memorial Day there was a reduced price for this product on Impressions Vanity. Known more for their beautiful array of vanity mirrors – this company also produces makeup storage. The two piece bundle came with a seventy slot lipstick compartment and a compact organizer designed to sit side by side in one IKEA Alex drawer. To my dismay, I have more than seventy lipsticks and I do wish the bundle carried two 70 slot lipstick organizers instead of the compact storage (not seen in the photos below).

In total – everything cost less than $40. The acrylic make is phenomenal: clean and sturdy, housing my MAC lipsticks perfectly. Yes, I do keep the lipstick boxes!

If you’re in the market for lipstick storage that’s affordable and own the IKEA Alex Drawers – I do recommend these entirely.

Here are some photos of the lipstick compartments:

There is an introductory price listed (sale price) for this product and a compact storage bundle ongoing for $39 + free shipping in the U.S. Original value is $49. You can click here if you are interested.

Update: using code “beatfacefridayy” will save you 10% off anything from their website.

Much love from LA, Gigi

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10 thoughts on “Impressions Vanity Alexa Collection 70 Slot Lipstick Holder Designed To Fit IKEA Alex Drawers

  1. I love that you keep the packaging! I wish I had done that at the beginning, but I didn’t quite have the storage capabilities that I now have. Do you think the slots in this one are large enough for Tom Ford lipsticks?

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    1. Gah! I wish I had a full sized TF lipstick to let you know for sure. I can try to fit another lipstick or liquid lipstick into the slot that’s a comparable size to TF if you have any?


  2. You keep lipstick boxes?! That’s dedication! I only keep some LE packaging but I flatten them to store. I can’t imagine having to open each box to use the products. The lipstick holder looks like a great no fuss utilitarian storage – I don’t own 70 lipsticks so that’d be overkill! 😛

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  3. I love how you keep your lipsticks in their packaging, because I totally do the same. I just can’t seem to bring myself to take it out of the packaging or even throw the packaging away. Btw the lipsticker holder looks really nice.

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