June Favorites: SLMissGlam P21 Brush, Glossier Mint BalmDotCom, Makeup For Ever Yellow Radiant Primer, Melt Rust Stack, Urban Decay Bronzed Beach Bronzer

The SLMissGlam P21 Brush: I have been loving this tool to lay my first choice of eyeshadow down all over the lid. I use MACs paint pot in Painterly (a nude beige color) that matches my skin well, does not crease, and increases the longevity of my eye makeup. For those of you who use MAC paint pots know that if powder is not applied atop, it is very difficult to blend any eyeshadow. The SLMissGlam P21 brush is quite large and distributes product all over my eyelid quickly and seamlessly prepping my look for a latter darker shadow especially when I use Painterly on my lids to prep.

My code “beatfacefridayy” (unaffiliated) never expires and offers you 40% off a Pink or White Glam Brush Book with three additional products(!). You can screen shot this info for the future. I have mentioned the Pink Glam Brush Book here in an older post if you are interested in checking that out. You may click here to view the product directly.  Glossier Mint BalmDotCom: I bought a bundle to try and immediately fell in love with the cooling, minty sensation. I use this on my finger cuticles as well to soften the skin as I wash and sanitize my hands at work religiously. These balms are dense and because of its density it does not get messy. I use a centimeters worth for my lips all day, everyday – particularly more generous before bed. It does a great job at softening and the minty aroma clears my sinuses. Love it. I have a link here that can save you 20% off your first purchase and in return adds ten dollars for my future purchases with Glossier. I would appreciate it if you use my link! You can also create your own link to do the same after your first purchase.MAKEUP FOREVER Radiant Yellow Primer: this product is insanely great. I apply this to the high points of my cheek, inner to lower forehead and chin. The product almost acts as a highlighter in itself. I feel it truly adds radiance to my skin making any foundation I pair it with true bliss! It absorbs quickly and keeps my foundation from moving. It also evens out the texture of my skin making powder bronzer more radiant and glowy. It is my summer must have and no other primer compares. The smell of this primer is also very fresh. There is simply nothing bad I can say about it. You can click here to view the product directly. Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Bronzed: if you follow me on Instagram you may see this product repeatedly in my MOTD’s. I’ve noticed ridges in my product pan and foresee hitting pan by the end of this month! This bronzer has definitely been a summer hit for me since I received it. It’s very soft, easily blendable and allows me to start steadily to build up as desired. It complements my medium tone skin well. I use a darker contour shade from ELF to sharpen my edges if I choose to sculpt after bronzing for more definition. I have a previous blog post here. You can click here to view the product directly.

Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack: The formula of the Rust Stack in comparison to the previous stacks definitely jumped up in game. The pigment in Melt Stacks are always up to par in my opinion but this Rust Stack is incredibly buttery and so very smooth! I have so much fun using this stack because of how it performs and also because of the selection in these colors. They complement my brown eyes and in particular make my eye color brighter with shades Classic, Rubbish, and Rust that I used in the photos below:

What are some of you June faves? I’d love to know!

Have a great day or night from LA!

Much love, Gi



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