Urban Decay Stackable PRO Artistry Palette Photos + Thoughts

Urban Decay Cosmetics has done it again! An expansion of their refillable and customized quad eyeshadow palettes welcome their mother: the Pro Artistry Palette. It houses ten (TEN!) single shadows or Moondust eyeshadows. It is a beauty of a sight for sure. The Stackable Pro Palette endured back pack travels throughout the days I spent in the Happiest Place On Earth. It was in my back-pack, bustled through and thrown into places to take the heat and weight during my stay. It’s a tough cookie!

About depotting: the single eyeshadows are easily removed with a simple pop from the back of the shadow. As I placed the depotted eyeshadow into the slot, a black foam insert hugged the shadow tightly making them immovable and absolutely snug into place. See short video below:Easy peasy! Here are a few more photos as I unboxed this product a few days ago:

Thoughts: I really love this palette! I do wish that the lid did not remove from the palette entirely. The lid has four magnetic closures to each corner and is sucked back into place quite easily. This palette is lightweight, sleek, and definitely up there in my favorites. I recommend this palette if you already own enough single shadows for storage saving space. I have decided to keep a few shadows in their single packaging as I like place it in my pocket for when I’m in a rush and apply with my fingertips for some extra sparkly-ness when time allows. This retails for $22 a stack here exclusive to the UD website only or for now.

Much love from LA, Gigi


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16 thoughts on “Urban Decay Stackable PRO Artistry Palette Photos + Thoughts

  1. I snagged two of these for all my UD singles and have been loving them so far! I was able to separate all my Moondust shadows from their regular line. I’ve noticed I’ve been reaching for them a lot more now that they are in one palette together! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Kate! It’s not something that completely knocks this product off as it does protect and stay in place well. It’s definitely a space saver!


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