Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo Flesh & Fantasy Swatch, First Impressions, Complete Look

Marc Beauty has recently released five shades of Air Blush Duos that claim to be ultra light-weight and will leave skin with a natural looking radiant glow. I picked up one shade in Flesh & Fantasy from the Marc Jacobs website earlier this week. Flesh & Fantasy is described as a Goddess Bronze with Ivory Shimmer and the duo colors are created so that one can customize the two shades on the skin.

I noticed a slight red undertone with Goddess Bronze when applied atop my foundation. This is my first time using this product and wished I had used equal parts of the duo for both sides of my face. I leaned more toward Goddess Bronze at first hoping to use it as an all over bronzer for this look. As I moved on with my makeup I buffed both shades together on my left cheek and was more pleased with the results.

Above are swatches under direct sunlight:

  • Ivory shimmer (left swatch): delicate shimmer that is neither overpowering or dull. I tried using this as a highlighter alone. It did not create that ideal highlight for me but added the luminosity in conduction to Goddess Bronze.
  • Goddess Bronze (center swatch): is simi-matte, sheer finish and reminds me of MAC’s blush in shade Harmony.
  • Right swatch: both Ivory Shimmer and Goddess Bronze combined and blended.

First Impressions: For my skin tone I will lean less toward the bronze section of this blush duo. I think that the powders feel great on the skin: lightweight, indeed, and with both shades combined the radiance or glow was subtle and to my liking. The powders are very silky and therefore do ‘kick up powder’ in the pan which makes this product very blendable and very airbrushed in finish. Below are a few captures:

img_1291The Marc Jacobs Air Blush Duo’s retail for $42 (8g/net wt 0.282 oz) – you can visit Sephora directly here.

Have a great day/night!

Much love from LA, Gigi



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31 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo Flesh & Fantasy Swatch, First Impressions, Complete Look

  1. Looks beautiful on you! It’s so hard for me to choose, I’m so fair often times I just end up winging it because I can never find someone w/the same skin tone as me haha I’m like a unicorn only heard of in fairy tales haha. If I happen to see these in my Sephora I’ll look at them but I rarely go in store, so I just order online so it makes it hard to judge. Is the bronze really dark like Harmony or just the undertone? I have Harmony but did not like it much. I have a very pink/red discoloration in my face which I really don’t like then using products with that kind of undertone, even though I’m neutral skin tone. Thanks so much for this review and uploading, I have a better judgement of it now I think 🙂


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    1. Hey Mika! The bronze is not dark at all but the red to pink undertone reminded me of Harmony in finish. Hopefully you’ll get to check it out in store soon XO


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