Urban Decay Cosmetics Fall 2016: Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner Perversion, Revolver, Snakebite, Push, Deep End, Kush, Chaos, Goldrush, Cuff, Fireball, Bump Swatch (Sneak Peek)

Urban Decay Cosmetics is releasing twenty Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Long Wear Eyeliners as part of their Fall 2016 Collection. The Razor Sharp liquid liners are an expansion in range of color compared to their original liquid liners containing different finishes from lacquered creams and metallic shimmers. The formula is also reinvented and improved. Out of twenty I have eleven shades to share with you!Packaged in highly metallized bottles with easy-to-spot and shade matched caps with crosshatched patterns. The colors are definitely an eye catcher and made easy to find in your purse or kit.The precise fine-tipped brush applicator pictured above is designed for easy to use, sharp lines whether one likes it super thin or thick and bold. Razor Sharp claims to last all day, dry down quickly, and pack intense color payoff. The brush applicator is also designed to reapply lines with ease.

Captured above are the twenty Razor Sharp shades:

  • Perversion: blackest black
  • Revolver: gunmetal with iridescent sparkle
  • Demolition: deep brown
  • Snakebite: metallic copper bronze
  • Push: navy
  • Street: dark green
  • Zodiac: smoky black with blue-green shift and blue-green sparkle
  • Deep End: bright teal shimmer
  • Kush: grass green
  • Chaos: vibrant cobalt blue
  • Retrograde: dark purple with purple micro-sparkle
  • Ecstasy: bright purple
  • Junkshow: bright pink with sparkle
  • Intergalactic: light purple with silver sparkle
  • Cuff: metallic silver shimmer with silver micro-sparkle
  • Space Cowboy: light champagne with silver sparkle
  • Goldrush: gold sparkle
  • Fireball: peach with pink shift
  • Bump: white
  • Dark Force: dark brown with gold sparkle

Above are swatches captured under direct sunlight. It is recommended to shake the liquid liners before use. I did not do so with these swatches and will update this post this weekend.

Each Razor Sharp liner will retail for $22. Each tube contains 2.3ml/0.07 fl oz product. Made in Canada. 6 month lifespan upon opening. Available for purchase at Sephora  here or Macy’s here

Claims: long lasting, water resistant (will not smudge or fade).

More sneak peeks of this collection forthcoming.

Much Love, Gigi

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21 thoughts on “Urban Decay Cosmetics Fall 2016: Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner Perversion, Revolver, Snakebite, Push, Deep End, Kush, Chaos, Goldrush, Cuff, Fireball, Bump Swatch (Sneak Peek)

  1. The packaging looks so nice and even without shaking the color payoff looks good. Can’t wait till they’re released in England, I think I might have to invest in some of these! 😁

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