Impressions Vanity Glow Me Selfie Light Review + Demo

Impressions Vanity has released the Glow Me Selfie Light to help take the perfect selfies on your phone camera anywhere and on-the-go. This easy to use, clip-on selfie light can also be placed on a lap top or flip screen camera (photo below) to help achieve that camera glow. I have been using this in replace of a $60 selfie camera light I purchased last summer and have been so impressed with this product. I have since been using it for my blog selfie photos.

There are three levels of lighting with a bright white color. The clip-on is secure on both my phone and Sony a5100. The product is lightweight and easy to throw into my purse to use while on-the-go during events. I think the lowest level of light is bright enough to capture makeup details. The last and brightest level is very bright but useful during unforgiving night/ dark hours.

Glow Me with the lights off on an iPhone 6
Glow Me with the light off on a Sony a5100 flip screen

Here are a few demo’s below from my Snapchat story:

Lights off

Lights on!
I am gutted that I spent twice the amount of money for a phone camera light and highly recommend this one as it comes with three levels of lighting intensity, far easy to use, and much more affordable than other lighting brands. If you are looking to better your blog selfies for makeup shots or details this one definitely does the trick!

The Impressions Vanity Glow Me Selfie Light comes in three colors: black, white, and pink. In the captures above are in the style black. This retails for $29 and using discount code “beatfacefridayy” saves money off anything from their website. You can visit Impressions Vanity here if you are interested and here for the Sony a5100.

Much love, Gigi

Thank you Impressions Vanity for this product to share with my readers.

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37 thoughts on “Impressions Vanity Glow Me Selfie Light Review + Demo

  1. So glad I saw this! I didn’t feel like dishing out 60 bucks for a Lumee, and I’ve heard these are even better and brighter than the Lumee! Thanks for the coupon code!! 🙂 xoxo

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      1. My thoughts exactly! Those phone cases are crazy priced. I’m still longing for one of their mirrors 😊 hopefully this Christmas


  2. OMG!!! I was literally looking into buying a ring light for my iPhone for selfies and was like debating because I was unsure if this would be a great buy, but I’m thinking I should buy one like NOW!! lol great post beautiful!!… xx

    Liked by 3 people

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