MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Rouge Lipsticks C105, C211, C502, C506, C603, M401 Swatch 

Hi there! MAKE UP FOR EVER partnered up with electro-pop duo Icona Pop to launch their new Artist Rouge LipsticksThese lipsticks come in 45 colors that are a collection of nudes, reds, pinks, berries and Artistic shades specifically curated for all skin tones (light, medium, tan, and dark). The lipsticks are housed in a new signature casing that is heavy and beautiful. The Artist Rouge lipsticks claim to offer highly pigmented color that is non-feathering, non-drying, and nourishing in feel. There are two formulas available in 31 cream (satin) finishes and 14 mattes. I have six of the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Rouge Lipsticks in C105, C211, C502, C506, C603, and M401 that you will be seeing swatches of shortly.

Photo above are the lipstick colors made easy to find your perfect match by skin tone
Photo above is a closer look at the redesigned lipstick packaging


  1. C105 – Grege Beige is a Nude best suited for medium skin, satin finish. Extremely hydrating in feel and comfortable on the lips. You can click here to shop.
  2. C211 – Rose Wood is described as the perfect blend of pink and brown hues that is universally beautiful on all skin types. Satin finish. You can click here to purchase.
  3. C502 – Taupe Violet, satin finish, an Artistic shade best suitable for tan skin. You can click here to shop.
  4. C506 – Dark Purple is a berry shade best suited for dark skin, satin finish. I love how comfortable these feel. You can click here to purchase.
  5. C603 – Midnight Blue is a limited edition shade that is satin in finish. Meet the boldest blue of your dreams! You can click here to purchase.
  6. M401 – Hot Red is my favorite. This is a matte finish that is extremely soft and silky on the lips. It is neither drying or uncomfortable. One swipe packs a ton of pigment and I think this is the perfect red! This red is best suited for tan skin. You can click here to shop directly.
    Above are swatches under direct sunlight.

These lipsticks are available online and will be in-store with Sephora August 5th. The color selection is outstanding and I think the lipsticks are so unbelievably comfortable! They are free of scent and retail for $22 a pop. I highly recommend trying one from the color selection grid (forth picture from the top) designed to help you choose the best shade for your skin tone.

Much love, Gigi

Thank you MUFE for these products to share with my readers.

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28 thoughts on “MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Rouge Lipsticks C105, C211, C502, C506, C603, M401 Swatch 

  1. Hi Gigi!

    These look awesome, I rarely wear lip color aside from pink-tinted Vaseline, but these berry colors and the c211 look great so I’m tempted to go out and buy them! I don’t know if I fall under Tan or Dark though so I’ll have to check Sephora in person. If I had to choose just one (for a night out in Vegas) I’m sure the berry color would be better, right?


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    1. Hi there! I know a few professional MUA’s that have been doing this as a living and are doing very well for themselves. They are experts and educators and built trust in their relationships with their clients. So, I know in the beginning it wasn’t easy. Word of mouth is powerful and self promoting is another.

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  2. Will just have to pick one up when they become available here in the UK. Loving C211, it looks like the perfect color! It suits you really well, as do the other colors. Another great post hun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Maddie I always appreciate your comments 😊 I used a lip brush for all these swatches because I wasn’t quite ready to see the sharp tips disappear from use. They do pick up really well with a lip brush and the moisturizing complex nourished the remnants of having to remove them from my lips from swatch to swatch.

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  3. I want to try those! But I have decided no makeup purchases in August and also Make Up Forever has irritated my eyes with their eye makeup. Idk if I should get the lipsticks. I get iffy with Make Up Forever, but still want to try some of their products.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I salute you on the no buy! Also sad to read MUFE products have irritated your eyes. Hopefully the lipsticks won’t. There use to be deluxe sample with the Sephora birthday gifts but I don’t see that anymore. Would be great if they started that again so people can try the new lipsticks.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. C506 is definitely my favorite, I’m such a sucker for those deep berry shades! It’s basically all I wear besides a nice nude. I might have missed this, but how much are these lipsticks? I really want to order some! Love this post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. C211 is my favorite! makeup forever has such beautiful colors and is so long wearing 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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