Rave Review: Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, EradiKate Mask Foam-Activated Acne Treatment, Quench Oil Free Hydrating Face Serum

It is skincare Sunday on the blog today! I received a very generous package from Kate Somerville two weeks ago and have since been using three key products that have come just in time for my hormonal chin break-outs (*eww) and much needed face and soul uplifting.

What excites me most about being here and writing my thoughts down about these products is that while researching, the Nordstrom Sale is currently ongoing until August 8th and this is my opportune time to save some money to grab some of these exclusive sale products. I have already bought some full sized products and so very happy timing is with me while I write this post!img_2162

The first thing that I (and my husband) saw results with is the Eradikate Mask. I had not one, not two, but three extremely painful under the skin type blemishes that I could feel were about to complicate my face and erupt. This product claims to help clear acne breakouts, dissolve impurities, and minimize the appearance of pores without over-drying the skin. It is recommended to apply a thin amount of this product all over the face. I chose only to do so around my problematic area since this is where most of my blemishes occur during that time of the month. I applied a generous amount to my chin and waited ten minutes for the mask to do its thing while I washed my makeup brushes. During that time I began to feel intense tingling – I wanted to scratch it so bad because of the itching. At that point I could smell the product (intense medicated sulfur) and wiggled my chin side to side trying to mediate the itching. With that said, I knew the product was working – I could feel it. 

The next morning I blindly felt the three demons on my chin. They were dry and they were not hurting anymore. They did not even “erupt” to the surface of my skin as they would typically. I got up and continued with my morning face routine and applied this product just like I did the night prior for ten minutes. The smell is terrible but the results? Absolutely worth it!

I usually endure 3-5 days with these hormonal breakouts. Since having this product it is safe to say this battle was over – over night. I am pleased to report that I don’t  even have the discoloration of the dead blemish on my chin that these breakouts typically induce. I highly recommend this product if you suffer from these occasional, painful breakouts especially located on your chin. If you have experience these and understand what I mean when I say that “you can feel this (the painful blemish) coming” – I encourage you to have this product on standby for if and when it occurs. It a preventative measure! My husband used it the same time I did, I guess we’re on the same monthly schedule (chuckles) and we have both become avid fans of the Eradikate Mask.

This product retails for $54 – you can click here to read more reviews, product details, or for purchase at Nordstrom. You can visit Sephora directly here if you are Rouge to build up points (or get the free two-day shipping).

The second product I will being using until death does us part is the Quench Oil Free Hydrating Face Serum. This product claims to deliver an incredible glow without looking shiny, help to decrease the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles while collagen builders help increase firmness, and have immediate tightening effects. This is a fast-absorbing serum that also claims to restores tone, refines texture to reveal healthy, glowing skin.

I have been looking for a serum that truly absorbs into my skin – as others I feel simply sit and in turn mix with the moisturizer I use afterwards. I let this product sit for ten minutes and then apply a restorative moisturizer at night. My skin looks brighter, well rested and indeed polished compared to my norm (dull). This is a stand out product.

The Quench Oil Free Face Serum retails for $75. You can visit Sephora online directly here for more details, reviews or purchase. 

Now the best product for last: ExfoliKate. I must be the last person on earth who has tried this as people on SnapChat replied that they “love that stuff!” when I shared this product during an unboxing. The energy I felt from my SnapChat family triggered all sorts of enthusiasm and I immediately ran to the bathroom and applied this.

Exfolikate is described as a dual-action exfoliator. It is formulated with face scrubbing natural exfoliants to deep clean clogged pores and contains Lactic acid and fruit enzymes (papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin) that promises to reveal smooth skin and a brighter, healthier-looking complexion. It costs’ a pretty penny and I can see why. In the description above mentioned – all else is true. I’ve added to cart the largest possible tube this magic comes in and age shall be a graceful one for me *winks.* I look forward to this part of the week – Sunday’s with Exfolikate!

You can click here to check this product out at Sephora.

Click here or here to visit the Nordstrom’s sale bundle.

I hope you had a great weekend – to a beautiful one ahead!

Much love, Gigi

Thank you Kate Somerville for these products to share with my readers.

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