Swatches + Review: Natasha Denona 28 Green-Brown Eyeshadow Palette

Hi everyone! After two days of staring at this palette and four days of playing with it – I feel that this Natasha Denona 28 Green-Brown Palette is simply exquisite. I find it difficult to let sit – my hands (and eyes) cannot have enough of it.

I brought out every eyeshadow palette and single eyeshadow pan varying from MAC Cosmetics, Morphe, NARS, Makeupgeek (Duo Chromes), MUFE, Giorgio Armani, and so on. Lacking from my eyeshadow collection are Viseart and MUG foiled eyeshadows.

What is outstanding in Natasha Denona’s eyeshadows are the Metallic (M) finishes. With that being said, fourteen of the eyeshadows (half of the palette) are of these phenomenal Metallic finishes. With the slightest dab and gentle swirl of a brush, the product carries a generous amount of highly saturated, creamy, concentrated pigment. I used my MAC 217 eyeshadow brushes and found this pairing to be pure bliss. The Metallic finishes glide easily, they stay put, and had worn for ten hours strong without creasing or fading on my oily eyelids. I did not use primer. I love all of the Metallic finishes especially the first four to the top of the palette and the three Bronze/Browns to the bottom row (see picture below).

The Pearl (P) finishes remind me of MUFE Artist Eyeshadows. The finish is comparable but not the formula. Natasha Denona (ND) is creamier and much softer to touch. Again, only a dab of ND shadows take you far. Because of only having to dab a brush into the product, it will not kick up powder. It is safe to say that these eyeshadows will last me a very long time as I do not need to swirl my brushes to achieve the desired look.

There are five Pearl shadows in this palette and 86P has a gorgeous aqua blue to yellow/gold shift to it. I was told that some of the Pearl eyeshadows were reformulated and became Metallic finishes. ND was unable to change the eyeshadow codes after this was done. Thank you @trendmood1 for this information.

There are six Velvet (V) shadows which are matte finishes. They blend superbly and pair well with the Pearl and Metallic shadows in this 28 pan palette in my opinion. Again, a dab will take you far.

The last finish is the Sparkly (S) eyeshadows. There are three of them in this palette. I feel like these finishes are the “baby” Metallics. They are still very pigmented but the color payoff is a baby version of the Metallic intensity – if that makes any sense. They are just as gorgeous.
SWATCHES: these swatches were captured under direct sunlight, one sweep of product with a finger. Each swatch starts row by row horizontally and top to bottom by pan shade. The swatches reflect the row of eyeshadows captured to the right side of my arm. Most of the Metallic finishes do shift in color as you will see in a short video clips after these swatches.

First row⬆️:

  • 20M (metallic) True Gold
  • 43P (pearl) Smoky Quartz
  • 44M (metallic) Indian Gold
  • 61P (pearl) Ochre

Second row⬆️:

  • 14M (metallic) Antique Olive
  • 18M (metallic) Glam Green
  • 08V (velvet) Tropic
  • 50M (metallic) Sienna

Third row ⬆️(my favorite!):

  • 10M (metallic) Aluminum
  • 45M (metallic) Industrial
  • 17M (metallic) Cloudy Blue
  • 68M (metallic) Golden Flesh

Fourth row⬆️:

  • 15M (metallic) Bottle Green
  • 21S (sparkling) Cream
  • 86P (pearl) Golden Aquamarine
  • 31M (metallic) Cool Bronze

Fifth row⬆️:

  • 16M (metallic) Emerald Green
  • 57V (velvet) Flamingo
  • 85P (pearl) Pinija
  • 62S (sparkling) Terracotta

Sixth row⬆️:

  • 58V (velvet) Suede
  • 64V (velvet) Shell
  • 59M (metallic) Moonstone
  • 88V (velvet) Arizona
    Last row⬆️:
  • 58P (pearl) Satin Tan
  • 78M (metallic) Umber
  • 75S (sparkling) Skin
  • 90V (velvet) Sand Storm


Here is a short video clip of every eyeshadow as I feel my picture swatches did no justice to the shifts in these products:

Overall: I enjoy this palette so very much. There are no chunks of glitter but finely milled, creamy/blendable, stellar eyeshadows. I recommend purchasing at least one Metallic shade to try if the price for this entire palette is steep.

You can click here to visit Sephora here to check this product out!! 

Please visit my friend Susie here for her review and more info on the Purple-Blue ND 28 Palette!

Have a great weekend, BB’s!

Much love, Gigi



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52 thoughts on “Swatches + Review: Natasha Denona 28 Green-Brown Eyeshadow Palette

  1. I don’t understand why there are shades in this palette that aren’t in the palette from Natasha Denona’s site, nor do I understand why the pans aren’t in the same order? Nonetheless, these are beautiful :)<3

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      1. Oh okay. Thank makes sense. I heard something about the formula being changed recently. I just got my Green-Brown palette and I was happy to see that all the right corrections were made (:

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