Anastasia Beverly Hills ABH Glow Kit Ultimate Glow Swatches

The ABH Glow Kits typically come in a set of four highlighters for $40. To my surprise the Glow Kit in Ultimate Glow ($45) houses the same size pans except there are six in this limited edition kit (and the only kit with a mirror) absolutely making this ABH highlighting kit thee ultimate one created thus far. This product will be available online at Sephora October 11th and in-store October 14th. You will be seeing swatches of the ABH Glow Kit in Ultimate Glow shortly.


  • A set of six metallic powder highlighters for intense luminosity
  • The powders feature intense payoff and the ultra-fine milled formula promises that it will not leave any shimmer particles when removed
  • The effect is a “smooth, even glow that lasts”

About the shade selection:

  • Golden Dawn: warm amber with gold reflect
  • Hot Sand: warm bronze with amber luster
  • White Sand: warm beige with a gold reflect
  • Sunray: warm copper with a peach gold luster
  • Snow: pure icy white with platinum reflect
  • Amber Gold: warm rose with a gold luster

The shade Snow reflects a bit of blue upon use. The amount of product in the palette is nearly a lifetimes worth of highlight and for the price – I think the price is right. Compared to MUFE Pro Light Fusion Highlighters (swatched here) – these are a bit more powdery. These highlighters, though, do the job and glow as bright as one can imagine. The shade selection is wide enough for every skin tone and mixing the highlighters to ones liking can create another shade unique to oneself. If you do not own a Glow Kit yet, I highly recommend grabbing this one. I cannot imagine how ABH will out do this. 

Much love, Gigi

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26 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills ABH Glow Kit Ultimate Glow Swatches

    1. Hey Cass! Well, the ABH palette alone retails for $45 and one MUFE Pro Fusion retails for $38. I would prefer MUFE because it’s just so luminous and flattering on my skin. You get more shades from ABH but it takes more work to make it work for me the way i want…

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  1. Love this glow kit more than any ABH released before 🙂 But it will be sooo hard to decide which I need :Jouer,Japonesque,Stila or this kit…..everyone released something amazing this year

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  2. I was having thoughts about whether should I grab this GlowKit or not but after seeing this beautiful post I think I’m gonna be the first to grab it online at Sephora 😉 Thank you Gigi!! Such a beautiful photos!!

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