SLMissGlam Fairytale Unicorn Love, Mermaid Glam, Unicorn Sparkle, Macaron Brush Sets

My Dearest Stephanie,

I am so very proud of you. I have watched you grow, create, and put your heart and soul into your company. It has bloomed into a phenomenal success. Your heart is true, you are going to be thee most beautiful bride, and I am so honored that you share your products with me and my readers. You are a person with a very big heart and deserve all the love and success you have driven for. Congratulations my dearest! I love you!

Hi there! SLMissGlam has created four sets of makeup brushes that have gone bananas via my snapchat. One thing is for sure – we love pretty things. To dream in fairytales, sparkle, and ultimately create a makeup vanity bloomed with precious brushes I simply cannot stop staring at. You will be seeing more photos of the SLMissGlam Beauty Fairytale Brush Sets in Unicorn Love, Mermaid Glam, Unicorn Sparkle, and Macaron shortly. These brush sets will makeup phenomenal gifts! It’s the season to make your girls live like a princess while they apply their makeup with these gorgeous pieces as girls just want to have fun!

As always, each brush book and brush set is jewelled to pretty perfection, crafted from the highest quality materials and is made with PINK LOVE! #slfairytaleglam – All glam sets are made cruelty free.

Each brush set is package and sent beautifully in pink princess boxes and wrapped to perfection. Stephanie, being the sweetest person she is, has offered my readers 30% off her Fairytale Brush Sets using code BEATFACELOVE.

If you take a look at her Glam Brush Books (previous post here) you can receive 40% off the Pink, White, Lilac, or Teal Glam Books with code BEATFACEFRIDAYY (check them out here). I will be doing a separate post with her new and fabulous Lilac and Teal Glam Brush Books in a blog post to come. You can visit her shop directly here.

Much love, Gigi


Thank you Stephanie at SLMissGlam Beauty for these products to share with my readers.

Links are unaffiliated and I am not compensated if you use the underlined, colored, or bold links in this blog post.

As always, thoughts are my very own. 


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Hi there! My nickname is Gigi and I am a Los Angeles based beauty blogger here to share respectable reviews, thoughts, opinions on all spectrums of beauty. Please join me on this journey! I welcome requests and enjoy interacting with all beauty lovers from around the world.

36 thoughts on “SLMissGlam Fairytale Unicorn Love, Mermaid Glam, Unicorn Sparkle, Macaron Brush Sets

  1. Oh my goodness I want to try these brushes so badly!! One day I promise I’m going to get a big set that are all the same color and will match and I’ll feel so accomplished with my life ☺ Currently mine are all random and different colors and they’re just a disaster 😂

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  2. These are the cutest sets of brushes I have ever seen..Sometimes it gets really boring to use same old black handle brushes or copper coloured if you want something different.. I would want all these above mentioned brush sets for sure..Ahmazing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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